They brought it up first…….

Yesterday I was mentioned on my friends reposting of John Crist’s post about Christian music. I had seen the post but avoided hitting play on the video. I knew it would be funny and sad and didn’t feel like dealing with my own reaction but then I got pulled in…..

Doing what I do with the band I obviously have lots of thoughts about Christian music. I don’t listen to it that often and when I do it’s rarely for recreation, it’s mostly work. I’m leery of getting sucked into, what feels like to me, the whole music business game. There are dangers that come with being famous for being a Christian.

Just being in front of  40 people comes with the temptation to think much of one’s self. It’s hard to imagine how much more tempting it would be when you  have people clamoring for your autograph or see your popularity rising on some chart. It’s so natural for humans to put famous people on some sort of “Super Christian” list. It’s not just the recording business either. There are magazines for worship leaders and tech teams that will give you “10 ideas for getting along with…..” and “Worship that’s effective for your church ” or just tell you about the equipment you need right now. We are true to our  western culture, looking outside of ourselves for validation and quantifying success with numbers, charts and dollar signs.

There are so many sincere, humble musicians that are able to reach millions of people with songs about God, and I’m really grateful for how God uses them. I just wonder how being part of that machine affects them. Are we losing something important by being a part of the world’s music industry?

I’ve resisted doing any sort of recording because I really needed to know that we were in the place God wanted us to be, that we were serving in exactly the way He wants us to serve.  I need to know that when we record it will be for God’s glory!

I think we are there. Revelation 19:6 plays to worship Almighty God. If there are other people worshiping with us that’s cool, too.  We feel like God is saying that it’s time to record some songs. I don’t know who’ll hear it besides us and God. He’s our favorite audience, He’ll always be our favorite audience. We are in a place right now where we are having so much fun making music together in the presence of the Holy Spirit that having a recording of that will just make it more fun! God did that for us! He taught us, and led us, and grew us.

This is what playing music is like for me: “Dad, I want to give give you a present. Can I have some money? Will you drive me to the store and help me pick it out? Will you help me wrap it? ” Anything I have to give Him, comes from what He gave me first and my gift delights Him. He’s that kind of Dad.

Just sayin’……..





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Grace Community Church, New Canaan, Connecticut

Grace Community ChurchIt’s been a while since I’ve been on walk-about! This week I walked right out of my valley, south to New Canaan, CT. I’m visiting my daughter and son-in-law and went to Grace Community Church with them.  The church meets at the Grace Farms Community Center, a picturesque setting of rolling New England hills and sculptural modern buildings.

The first thing that came to mind was how blessed the congregation is to have such a beautiful place to gather and worship. Looking through the wall of windows at the green trees and rolling hillside made my heart grateful for the beauty God created. Not a bad way to start a Sunday gathering!

Grace Community Church felt like a very peaceful place to be. The people I met were kind and welcoming and there was a quiet sincerity during the worship and sermon. Senior Pastor, Cliffe Knechtle, preached on Grace, Intellect and Will. After the last song, Strong God, the congregation burst out in applause! Not quiet, but very sincerely in awe of our strong God!

I forgot how amazing it is to worship Jesus with  family I don’t know, to see what God is doing, and be blessed seeing that His kingdom is huge and ever advancing. Thank you , Grace Community Church, for reminding me that we serve a strong God together!

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Introducing NEEC, the New England Equip Center

New England Equip Center

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Vita Nova, Amherst, MA

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College Church, Northampton, MA

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